Managerial Economics

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This Managerial Economics course studies the role of economic theory in management analysis and decision incorporating a Christian ethical context. This course is about economic principles and their relevance to business decision-making. We will explore the interaction of information, economic incentives and market competition and how these interact to determine prices, products available, profits, and patterns of trade and organization. At the end of this course, students should be able to understand how basic economic reasoning can lead to improved managerial decisions. Prerequisites: Undergraduate course or equivalent competency in Microeconomics; BUS-6100 Managerial Data Analysis or BUS-6300 Operations Research.

Academic Level:
Economics [ECON]
Terms Offered:
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2020FA 01 Dr. Bert Wheeler ONL
Dates: 08/17/20-12/11/20
18 0
2020FA 02 Dr. Bert Wheeler ONL
Dates: 08/17/20-12/11/20
18 0
2020SU 01 Dr. Bert Wheeler ONL
Dates: 05/04/20-08/14/20
18 0
2020SP 01 Dr. Bert Wheeler ONL
Dates: 03/09/20-04/24/20
18 7
2020SP 02 Staff Staff ONL
Dates: 03/09/20-04/24/20
18 1
2019FA 02 Dr. Bert Wheeler ONL
Dates: 10/21/19-12/13/19
18 7