Information Techonology for Competitive Advantage

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This course examines the role of information technology in today's volatile business environment and analyzes its implications for global competitive advantage. The class will discuss a number of frameworks and models that currently guide technology decisions for many large organizations. Students will be expected to draw on knowledge gained through readings, lectures, and case studies to understand and evaluate the value of technology in their own work environments.

Academic Level:
Information Technology Mgmt [ITM]
Terms Offered:
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2020SP 01 Dr. John Delano ONL
Dates: 01/06/20-05/01/20
18 0
2020SP 02 Dr. John Delano ONL
Dates: 01/06/20-05/01/20
18 0
2019SU 01 Dr. John Delano ONL
Dates: 05/06/19-06/21/19
18 9
2019SP 01 Dr. John Delano ONL
Dates: 03/11/19-04/26/19
18 19