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This course will introduce students to the systems (legislative and regulatory bodies - both state and federal) by which laws and regulations related to the practice of pharmacy are created and/or promulgated, and establish an understanding regarding the historical framework of present laws and regulations. The course will subsequently focus on the laws and regulations presently governing the practice of pharmacy in the state of Ohio as a guide to understanding the same across the nation. Finally, the course will introduce students to, and engage them in, the regulation enforcement and disciplinary roles of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Prerequisite: P3 standing or approval of instructor.

Academic Level:
Pharmacy [PHAR]
Terms Offered:
Term Sect Instructor Meeting Location/Days/Time Cap Used
2019FA 01 Dr. Douglas Anderson HSC 211 LEC MTWRF 08:00AM-09:50AM
HSC 211 LEC MTWR 12:00PM-01:30PM
Dates: 11/18/19-12/06/19
65 40