Janessa Kruger

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Janessa Krueger


I am currently a junior (pre-3), from the Mitten state, where I have lived in the city of Jackson for the majority of my life. I am a member of Cedarville’s chapter of APhA-ASP and I enjoy serving at my church where I help with children’s ministry and am involved in the Adopt-A-Student program. I also work as a tutor at Cedarville’s Writing Center, which is a fun opportunity to help and interact with students of all ages and majors. Upon graduating from pharmacy school, I think I would like to work in a community pharmacy or an outpatient clinic setting. However, I am excited to explore the wide-variety of opportunities the profession of pharmacy has to offer throughout pharmacy school.

Favorite Places to Visit

  • A boat or beach on a warm, sunny day; nothing beats the lake!
  • Coffee shops (preferably by a fireplace with a book or good friends nearby)
  • Northern Michigan in the summertime

Why Cedarville?

Since it is relatively new and small, Cedarville’s pharmacy program is extremely personable while remaining a high quality and challenging program. I find it easy to get to know the majority of my classmates quickly and be involved with so many events and service opportunities like helping with Pharmacy camp. Through my years of undergraduate classes, I truly feel like I received the regular college experience, yet also had unique opportunities to get to know graduate students and professors as well. Cedarville’s program challenges and encourages me to view the profession of pharmacy as a way to live out God’s calling for my life with a high level of excellence.


  • Cooking and baking
  • Exploring new cities, coffee shops, and restaurants with friends
  • Watching football and entire seasons of TV shows with my sister on breaks
  • Reading
  • Hiking and camping


Choosing a college and major is no easy feat. However, with constant prayer, a lot of faith and trust, persistent hard work, and a good deal research on possible majors and universities, God will faithfully guide you to make the right decisions. As you prayerfully and diligently seek as many opportunities as possible, God will reveal the right direction as He closes some doors and makes others wide open.