Dennis Sullivan

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Dennis Sullivan, M.D.

Professor of Pharmacy Practice


Dr. Sullivan serves as Professor of Pharmacy Practice (formerly Professor of Biology), and has been at Cedarville since 1996. Before coming to Cedarville, Dr. Sullivan served as a medical missionary in Haiti and Central African Republic. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the Christian Medical Association, and the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. Dr. Sullivan serves as Director of the University’s Center for Bioethics and his research interests center on moral philosophy and biomedical ethics.

Media Expertise

Education and Credentials

  • M.D., Case Western Reserve University
  • M.A. in Bioethics, Trinity University
  • B.S. in Chemistry, Youngstown State University
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Scholarly Works

  • The Ethical Landscape of Assisted Suicide: A Balanced Analysis (Dennis Sullivan and Robert M. Taylor) Ethics & Medicine: An International Journal of Bioethics (2018)
  • Human Embryo Metaphysics and the New Biotechnologies (Dennis M. Sullivan and Tyler M. John) Christian Scholar's Review (2016)
  • Gene Editing and Designer Babies: Why the Future Desperately Needs Us (Dennis M. Sullivan) Answers Magazine (2016)
  • ACA Shifts Liability to Patients: Bioethicists Must be "Watchdogs" to Ensure Ethical Care (Dennis M. Sullivan and Philip M. Rosoff) Medical Ethics Advisor (2014)  
  • Ebola: Ethical and Legal Ramifications of Using Experimental Drugs (Dennis M. Sullivan) Westlaw Journal Health Law (2014)


  • Active sport: racquetball
  • Hobby: woodworking, including furniture building and wood turning