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I returned to Cedarville University as a faculty member in 1979. Since that time I have taught psychology courses in General, Abnormal, Social, Counseling, Group Dynamics, Addictions, Physiological, Research, Health, Industrial/Organizational, Adult Development and Aging, Stress/Biofeedback, Health Seminar, Gerontology Seminar, Literature Seminar, Perspectives on Friendship, Love, and Romance, Human Sexuality, and Intimate Relationships.

Most of my classes are discussion based and provoke students to think outside the box. Students are challenged to consider why their beliefs may not be true and attitude inoculation is a given. Foreclosed students may be redeemed in my classes.

I very much like knowing my students. In order to know them better, I maintain a heavy advising load and I am the advisor for Alpha Psi Omega, the CU student psychology organization. I also enjoy working with students on research projects which they can present at professional conferences. A project that has been especially rewarding to me is a ministry in which students link with nursing home residents to teach them computer skills and the gospel.

Even though students are in my classes for only a couple of semesters, I always hope our relationship will be life long.

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