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Currently I have over 10,000 hours of clinical experience. This includes college student counseling, private practice, agency counseling, clinical assessments, and forensic psychological evaluations. The latter experience was obtained, in part, at Keystone City Residence (KCR) in Scranton, PA where I provided the IQ testing, diagnostic work, and assessment services for a campus of over 300 residents, including psychological evaluations and counseling to African-American juvenile delinquents. Part-time, I continued conducting supervised forensic psychological evaluations for five years with KCR juveniles.

My post-doctoral year of residency was spent at TCN: Behavioral Health Services in Xenia, OH. It is a community mental health center of Greene County, OH. Working with youths-at-risk, juveniles, and adult offender populations, my experience there focused particularly on conducting psychological assessments and testing, including forensic psychological evaluations.

Undergraduate & graduate courses I've taught include the following: general psychology, human growth & development, child psychology, adolescent psychology, adult development & aging, psychology of learning & education, personality theory, learning theories, introduction to counseling, historical & contemporary theories of counseling, abnormal psychology, tests & measurements, social psychology, guidance & counseling, introduction to learning disabilities, career counseling, ethnicity, families, & counseling; counseling theory techniques, personality development & learning, abnormal behavior, ethics & professional orientation to counseling, supervised counseling practicum, supervised field experience in counseling, appraisal & testing in counseling, projective assessment, and research design.

Additional Experience

  • Presently, I maintain a private practice conducting forensic and clinical psychological evaluations, including psychological testing (
  • For one summer I taught conversational English to migrant workers with the Scranton Cultural Society in Scranton, PA. I taught in Spanish.
  • For three years I worked part-time with a Hopeline Counseling Crises Hotline Service and, for a year, served part-time as its director.
  • For ten years, I maintained a part-time, private practice in professional counseling.
  • For one year I taught behavior education & modification at a weight loss clinic.
  • There are seven (11) dissertation or theses that I have supervised.
  • I have participated in the norming of 11 psychological tests with the test publishers Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR), Western Psychological Services (WPS), and Pro-Ed, Inc.
  • I co-edited two books, Ethnographic & Qualitative Research in Education, Vols. 1 & 2, published by Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Presently, I have over 100 peer-reviewed publications and over 150 papers presented at juried, national research conferences.