Psychology professor giving a lecture


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Ph.D. in Educational Measurement and Statistics

The University of Iowa (1986)

M.A. in Psychology

The University of Iowa (1980)

B.S. in Psychology

National Taiwan University (1977)

Born to a psychologist's family, though not raised in a Skinner Box, I was conditioned to love psychology at a very young age. My father, one of the pioneer psychologists in Taiwan, has been the role model of my career. I made my way from being the subject of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (at age 5) to the administrator of the same test (at age 20). I attended the Psychology Program at the National Taiwan University, known as the top program in Taiwan, for my undergraduate training. It has given me a strong background in biological sciences and quantitative analyses.

After graduating from college, I was admitted into the Ph.D. program of Developmental Psychology at the University of Iowa. While I was working on my master's thesis, I found interest in Testing and Measurement and decided to continue my education in this area. The Educational Measurement and Statistics program has provided me many opportunities to be exposed to the development and construction of standardized tests because of its connections to the Iowa Testing Program (where the Iowa Test of Basic Skills is developed) and the ACT.

I studied under the late Dr. T. Anne Cleary, an internationally well-known expert in measurement and testing, who was then the Director of the Evaluation and Examination Services at the University of Iowa. I did my dissertation on test score equating based on the Item Response Theory model, and later wrote several papers on the same subject area.