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Since 1995, psychology majors at Cedarville have been actively involved in the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference (MAUPRC). Each year, students attend the conference and present their own research papers. This event is sponsored by the Psychology Department and the student organization Alpha Psi Omega. Up to now 39 papers have been presented at the conference.

Papers Presented at the 2001 MAUPRC

Student(s). Paper Title

  • Dana Schiavo, Meagan Smith. How the Fundamental Attribution Error is Affected by Perceived Attractiveness
  • Amy Strang, Laura Ohl, Jennifer Steely. The Effects of Attractiveness on Customer Service
  • Jonathan Frank, Daren Norris. The Relationship between School Type and Academic Preparedness
  • Katie Lowe, Nicholette King. Children and Drug Therapy for Behavior and Mental Health Problems: Overestimated or Underestimated?
  • Andrew Krum. Effect of Similarity in Tasks on Equal Priority Performance
  • Katie Kepner, Rachel Heffield. The Effect of Cross-Cultural Experience on Level of Bias among College Students
  • Alicia March. Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work?: A Comprehensive Review
  • April Watson, Leah Ziegenfuss. Differences in Explanatory Styles of Christians and Non-Christians