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Biology and Life Sciences

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What should I study Extracurricular Opportunities

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and those who dwell in it."

Do you have a desire to worship your Creator through studying and applying the sciences? If so, then the Cedarville University's Biology and Life Sciences Programs may be the place for you.

Cedarville University offers several degrees options in the biological sciences:

3-Year Option Available
This program has a 3-year option. View the Sample 3-Year Curriculum Plan.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology - The B.S. in biology prepares students for graduate study in the biological sciences by including the course requirements prescribed by many of the leading graduate-level biology degree programs in the nation. This major enhances the student's depth of knowledge in biology and increases the breadth of exposure to chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biology - provides general course background in the biological sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology - will prepare you to work in the biotechnology field or to pursue graduate study in medicine, molecular biology, genetics, and related fields in the biological sciences. Cedarville is one of only a few conservative Christian schools that offers a major in this rapidly growing field.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science - aims to prepare graduates with a good foundation for entering vocations in ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem restoration, environmental education, and graduate study.

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Life Science Education - prepares you to teach biology in grades 7-12.

Why should I study biology at Cedarville University?