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At a time when the land, water, atmosphere, and living creatures are being impacted by increasing human demands for material resources, there is a significant opportunity and need for environmental scientists educated in the liberal arts and informed by a biblical environmental stewardship ethic.

The B.S. degree in environmental science (ENVS) at Cedarville University aims to prepare graduates with a good foundation for entering vocations in ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem restoration, environmental education, or graduate study.

In particular, the ENVS major has the following aims:

  • As a result of their studies in the natural sciences, our students demonstrate a knowledge of the dynamic relationships among soil, water, air, and biological creatures.
  • Based upon a variety of learning settings (i.e., classroom discussion, on-site field research, and internships), our students will become acquainted with pressing environmental issues, research methodology, and the role of government in shaping policy.
  • Our students will acquire a personal awareness of and a professional commitment to the care of creation based upon the biblical environmental stewardship ethic.
  • Our students acquire experience in collaboration with professionals in the natural sciences, government agencies, and private sector through research and internship experiences.
  • Our students will be prepared for successful acceptance into graduate programs in environmental science, biological science, ecology, ecosystem science, wildlife biology, natural resources management, and taxonomy (e.g. plant taxonomy, entomology, etc.), and will make successful entry into careers in the environmental and biological sciences.