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Biology and Life Sciences Program Options

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Students interested in studying Biology and Life Sciences at Cedarville have a variety of options available. Browse the table below to see which program is right for you.

Emphasis area
Major Requirements Advantages Prepares you for
Biology (B.A.) Biology core
3 chemistry courses
Biology electives (8 hrs)
General electives (30 hrs)
Sample Four-Year Schedule
Sample Three-Year Schedule
More room for elective hours, especially electives in other fields. Good for majors who have many interests but want a “big picture” view of biology. Preprofessional fields, especially if psychology minor required, secondary education
Biology (B.S.) Biology core
4 chemistry courses
2 semesters of physics
Calculus I
Biology electives (9 hrs)
Sample Four Year Schedule
Premed requirements are “automatic”. Prepared for research. Good for majors who want a “big picture” major with additional rigor Pre-professional fields, especially if interested in research, or graduate school
Molecular and Cellular Biology (B.S.) Biology core
4 chemistry courses
Physics 1 and 2
Calculus 1
Upper level cell and molecular courses
Sample Four Year Schedule
Same as B.S. in Biology, but your preparation is more cellular/molecular. Good for majors who really love the detailed mechanics of life. Pre-professional fields, especially if interested in research, or graduate school
Environmental Science (B.S.) Modified biology core
3 chemistry courses
Calculus and biostatistics
GIS, policy, ethics
Sample Four Year Schedule
Broad preparation for a broad field while allowing for a student selected specialization Environmental consulting, government agencies, or graduate school
Life Science Education (B.A.) Similar to biology with added education courses and student teaching
Sample Four Year Schedule
Our program is accredited by NCATE. Graduation and passed proficiency exams will yield licensure in most states. Teaching life sciences in public, private, or Christian schools (grades 7-12)

Notes: The Biology core consists of eight courses (Introduction to Biology, General Zoology, General Botany, General Ecology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry & Senior Seminar in Biology). These courses make up 28 hours of the students’ major curriculum and are common among the BA Biology, BS Biology, and Integrated Life Science Education degrees. The core is slightly modified for the Molecular and Cellular Biology and Environmental Science majors.

The course sequence is nearly the same for students in any of these five majors for their first two years (or four semesters) at Cedarville University.