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Route 2: Applying to Medical School

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Route 2

Route 1: Becoming a Pre-Med Student Route 1: Becoming a Pre-Med Student Route 2: Applying to Medical School Route 3: Paying for Medical School Detour: I didn't get accepted, now what? Pre-Med@CU

Route 2: Applying to Medical School

The AMCAS Application

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is a non-profit organization used by most U.S. medical schools. The advantages of the AMCAS application are:

  • You fill out just one application, via the Internet.
  • It is a centralized process that reports your academic data (including your grades and MCAT scores) to each medical school to which you are applying.
  • If med schools are interested in you, they will send you a request for a secondary application.
  • The overall cost of applications is reduced by this method.

The AMCAS system does not deal with specialized programs, such as M.D./Ph.D. or B.A./M.D. (you apply for these directly). However, it does allow for "early admission" applications, where you are primarily interested in one specific medical school.

If you are in a typical four-year undergraduate science program, and have taken the MCAT in April of your junior year, you should plan to fill out the AMCAS application during the summer prior to your senior year.

Official AMCAS Web Site