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Route 2: Applying to Medical School

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Route 2

Route 1: Becoming a Pre-Med Student Route 1: Becoming a Pre-Med Student Route 2: Applying to Medical School Route 3: Paying for Medical School Detour: I didn't get accepted, now what? Pre-Med@CU

Route 2: Applying to Medical School

Secondary Applications:

After screening your AMCAS application, interested medical schools will invite you to fill out a secondary application. This second application is much more specific, and may ask why you are interested in that particular med school.

At this time, you will be asked for recommendation letters, usually from faculty members under whom you have studied.

Letters of Recommendation:

Ask for letters from faculty who know you well. If one of your professors cannot honestly write a good recommendation for you, he or she will most likely tell you. If you have any questions along the way, be sure to ask for advice.

If your undergraduate institution has a committee for this purpose, a letter from that committee is usually preferred. After all, a strong recommendation from a group of professors will carry more weight than from just one.

Whether it involves one individual or a committee, be sure to provide your letter-writer with enough background information to provide a good reference. This should include your academic information (the recommender will verify your GPA) and MCAT scores, but also such things as clubs and organizations, leadership positions, jobs, honors and awards, service, sports and music, overseas travel, medical experience, or any other aspect of your life that may help you to "stand out from the crowd." More Information

Make sure that those writing your letters know of any deadlines, and check back with them to be sure that the letters have been written.

Send the secondary applications in promptly, including fees and letter requests, and settle in for a nervous wait.