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We are dedicated to identifying, developing, and implementing educational opportunities for Cedarville students and enhancing the global perspective of academic programs at Cedarville University.

Study Abroad goals are to foster:

  • cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural dialogue
  • reflection on global issues
  • enlightened and responsible global citizenship and leadership
  • learning, self-discovery, personal and professional growth; independence
  • appreciation for diversity

Study Abroad services include:

  • advisement for educational opportunities, including internships
  • pre-departure orientation and assistance and support to students for the duration of their experience
  • advisement by resident directors and host institution staff
  • support to faculty and staff in the design and administration of all types of study abroad programs
  • coordination among relevant academic and administrative departments at Cedarville University and between Cedarville and partner institutions
  • regular site visits by Cedarville administrators and faculty

Study Abroad objectives are to:

  • integrate study abroad in the undergraduate curriculum
  • provide undergraduate students with an international experience
  • continuously explore and develop new program sites, and increase the range of opportunities for study around the world
  • foster academic excellence in all programs abroad
  • encourage the study of foreign languages (on-campus and abroad)
  • encourage internships and other practical learning experiences abroad
  • promote semester/academic year programs as well as short-term programs during the summer
  • facilitate student exchanges
  • integrate study abroad with on-campus academic programs, advisement, and activities