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Cedarville's Study Abroad works with a number of programs offering U.S. and international academic opportunities (i.e. Acces, CAPA, CEA, CIEE). The following dates should be taken into consideration before you apply to a program. Your Cedarville preliminary application should be submitted at least 2 weeks before any program deadline or two weeks before you plan to apply to a program. This will inform you as to whether you are approved to study abroad and will receive credit from Cedarville University.

Program deadlines vary. Since selection to most programs is done on a rolling admissions basis, we strongly recommend that you apply early. Many programs will be filled to capacity prior to the deadlines below. Check the programs's website to determine program specific deadlines.

Before fall break: application and healthcare screening due for spring semester programs
Before spring break: application and healthcare screening due for summer, fall semester, and academic year

Follow these steps to apply for any of Cedarville's semester programs.

  1. Advanced Planning:
    • Explore options (internet, library, flyers, videos, presentations on campus, Study Abroad office pamphlets and web site).
    • Attend a required informational meeting offered periodically on Wednesdays at 3 and 4 p.m. throughout the semester. Policies and procedures will be covered during the meeting.
    • Examine your four year plan and how an off-campus study could fit in it.
    • Talk to your advisor and to the Study Abroad office.
    • Discuss ideas with your family.
    • Get a passport or pick up form at a local Post Office
  2. Complete Cedarville Preliminary Application:
    Cedarville students wishing to apply to any off-campus program must first submit a preliminary application (available online or from the Study Abroad office). This is used by the Study Abroad team to verify a student's eligibility for off-campus study. After completing the forms, schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad office. Before any paperwork will be processed, you will be asked to use this link to pay the $200 nonrefundable fee. The processing of the preliminary application normally takes two weeks. 
  3. Apply to Specific Off-Campus Program:
    • Be sure to check application deadlines since they vary by program. You should submit all needed Cedarville University paperwork at least two weeks before the application deadline.
    • Once you are approved by the Study Abroad team, complete your specific program application.
    • References for programs should be sent to Study Abroad to be mailed in together.
    • Request an official transcript be sent to Study Abroad.
    • If an "Institutional Intent Form" or "Certification Form" needs signatures, the form must be turned in to Study Abroad on the third floor of Founders Hall three weeks before the application due date.
  4. Waiting Period and Registration Instructions
    • If an acceptance letter from the program has not been received before Cedarville registration occurs, you should register for on-campus courses.
    • Once the acceptance letter is received, contact Study Abroad to make an appointment to complete your Cedarville Course Registration Form for off campus study. Come prepared with the courses you plan to take in your program and for what Cedarville courses they should be credited. This may require an additional meeting with your advisor.
    • If you previously registered for on-campus courses, you must drop them before the off campus courses can be registered.
    • Contact University Medical Services three months before departure to obtain information on immunization requirements/suggestions.
    • Attend the mandatory pre-departure orientation meetings and complete the necessary Cedarville forms before leaving campus.
    • Plan a budget and obtain sufficient funds to cover expenses while abroad.
    • Contact the Financial Aid to make sure all of your loans and scholarships are properly signed.
    Your specific program may have additional forms. Our office will help you with those forms and mail them for you.
  5. Credits and Grades
    When you register for off-campus courses, Cedarville's Study Abroad works with the oversight of the Office of the Registrar to register you for equivalent Cedarville courses. Therefore, the recorded grades you receive become part of your GPA.
  6. Participation and Beyond
    • Participate in your program and have a great experience.
    • Submit program evaluation to Study Abroad.
    • Read the re-entry information.
    • Consider ways to continue your international experience (foreign language, write articles, development of web materials, etc.)