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Course KeyCourse Title
ALHL-1000Introduction to the Allied Health Profession
ALHL-2000Medical Terminology
ALHL-3940Professional Development
ALHL-4950Allied Health Seminar I
ALHL-4960Allied Health Seminar II
ATRN-1300Emergency Care
ATRN-1500Introduction to Athletic Training
ATRN-1550Basic Athletic Training
ATRN-2560Lower Body Injury Management
ATRN-2570Upper Body Injury Management
ATRN-2650Therapeutic Exercise
ATRN-2901Clinical I
ATRN-2902Clinical II
ATRN-3550Organization and Administration in Athletic Training
ATRN-3660Therapeutic Modalities
ATRN-3903Clinical III
ATRN-3904Clinical IV
ATRN-4560General Medical Issues
ATRN-4610Issues in Athletic Training
ATRN-4850Independent Study in Athletic Training
ATRN-4905Clinical V
ATRN-4906Clinical VI
CCHG-3670Fundamentals of Coaching
CCHG-3680Scientific Basis of Coaching
CCHG-3700Coaching Volleyball
CCHG-3720Coaching Basketball
CCHG-3730Coaching Track and Field and Cross Country
CCHG-3740Coaching Softball and Baseball
CCHG-3760Coaching Soccer
CCHG-4850Ind Study - Coaching
CCHG-4950Internship in Coaching
ESED-2900Health and Movement Education for the Young Child
ESS-1350Foundations of Exercise and Sport Science
ESS-1400First Aid and Safety Education
ESS-1550Athletic Training Essentials
ESS-2380Motor Learning and Development
ESS-3800Sport Psychology
ESS-3880Special Topics in Exercise and Sport Science
ESS-3890Human Anatomy and Physiology for the Physical Educator
ESS-3900Physiology of Exercise
ESS-3940Structural Kinesiology
ESS-4850Independent Study in Exercise And Sport Science
ESSE-1350Found of Sport Ministry
ESSE-2830Recreational Leadership
ESSE-3100Strength & Conditioning
ESSE-4850Independent Study-Sport Ministry
EXSC-2000Worksite Observation
EXSC-3010Campus Exercise Sci Practicum
EXSC-3020Community Exercise Science Practicum
EXSC-3810Organization and Administration of Exercise Science
EXSC-3860Basic Exercise Testing
EXSC-3870Basic Exercise Prescription
EXSC-4600Research in Exercise Science
EXSC-4700Senior Research
EXSC-4850Independent Study in Exercise Science
EXSC-4880Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations
EXSC-4990Internship in Exercise Science
MAHE-3070Current Issues in Health
MAHE-3100Drug Education
MAHE-3130School Health Program
MAHE-4610Teaching Health
MAPE-1210Team Sports
MAPE-2200Individual and Dual Sports I
MAPE-2210Individual and Dual Sports II
MAPE-3600Physical Education in the Elementary School
MAPE-4500Curriculum Development in Physical Education
MAPE-4850Independent Study in Physical Education
MAPE-4950Methods of Teaching Secondary Physical Education
MAPE-4960Field Experience
MAPE-4970Field Experience in Physical Educaiton- Special Populations
PEAE-1240Self-Defense: Women
PEAE-1400Weight Training (coed)
PEAE-1450Intermediate Weight Training
PEAI-1460Bowling: Coed
PEAI-1540Golf: Coed
PEAI-1550Intermediate Golf: Coed
PEAI-1600Racquetball: Coed
PEAI-1770Tennis: Coed
PEAL-1420Backpacking: Coed
PEAL-1510Cycling: Coed
PEAL-1610Rock Climbing: Coed
PEAL-1620Intermediate Rock Climbing
PEAR-2100Rhythmics: Coed
PEAS-1120Tumbling: Coed
PEAS-1700Swimming I-Beginners (coed)
PEAS-1720Swimming II-Interm (Coed)
PEAS-1730Swimming III-Adv (Coed)
PEAS-1740Lifeguarding Today: Coed
PEAT-1020Basketball (Coed)
PEAT-1050Soccer: Coed
PEAT-1820Volleyball: Coed
PEAX-0PE Activity Elective
PEF-1990Physical Activity and the Christian Life
SES-4990Internship in Sport and Exercise Studies
UNIV-1990Consortium Course