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Usually a prerequisite for other courses in speech, the fundamentals course offers theory and practice in basic speech skills for extemporaneous speaking and the use of voice and delivery in oral interpretation of prose and poetry. Students gain extensive training in public speaking as an art.

Academic Level:
Communication [CM]
Communication Arts [COM]
Terms Offered:
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2015FA, 2015SU, 2015SP, 2014FA, 2014SU, 2014SP, 2013FA, 2013S3, 2013S1, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012S3, 2012S1, 2012SP, 2011FA, 2011S3, 2011S1, 2011SP, 2010FA, 2010S3, 2010S1, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009S1, 2009SP, 2008FA, 2008S1, 2008SP, 2007FA, 2007S1, 2007SP, 2006FA, 2006S1, 2006SP, 2005FA, 2005S2, 2005S1, 2005SP, 2004FA, 2004S2, 2004S1, 2004SP, 2003FA, 2003S3, 2003S1, 2003SP, 2002FA, 2002S1