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Course KeyCourse Title
CRJU-1310Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU-1350Career Planning for the Criminal Justice Professional
CRJU-2310Juvenile Delinquency
CRJU-2840Concepts of Chemical Dependency
CRJU-2900Criminal Justice Ethics/Community Rel
CRJU-3310Corrections Administration
CRJU-3350Criminal Law
CRJU-3360American Judicial System
CRJU-3390Criminal Evidence
CRJU-3400Criminal Procedure
CRJU-3500Foundations of Emergency Management
CRJU-3700Financial Management for the Social Science Professional
CRJU-3990Criminal Justice Internship
CRJU-4150Homeland Security
CRJU-4160International and Domestic Terrorism
CRJU-4200Police Administration
CRJU-4320Criminal Investigation
CRJU-4440Special Topics
CRJU-4500Comparative Criminal Justice
CRJU-4630American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties and Rights
CRJU-4700Organized Crime/Adv Criminal Invest.
CRJU-4800International & Domestic Terrorism
CRJU-4900Reseacrch Issues in Criminal Justice
CRJU-4960Independent Study in Criminal Justice