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Jul 9 2007
Foreign Calling
It’s not easy to get in touch with Autumn West. She only checks her e-mail once a month. Her morning is our night and vice... continue »

Jun 28 2007
Dreaming Up a Ministry in the DR
We search for our dreams. Some know what they are from childhood, others discover them in high school or college, but for many, it... continue »

Jun 21 2007
Conducting on the International Stage
Try to escape it. Find a room that doesn’t shiver with it, a heart that doesn’t ache for it, a concert hall that doesn... continue »

Jun 19 2007
A Glimpse of Creation from the Grand Canyon
Read a blog and view pictures of the trip! Nothing brings Bible stories to life like seeing firsthand evidence of Creation and... continue »

Jun 18 2007
So Much To See, Under the Sea
At the beginning of the movie Titanic, small submersibles are seen exploring the almost 100-year-old wreckage lying at the bottom... continue »

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