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Course KeyCourse Title
ENG-1100Composition I
ENG-2070Fundamentals of English Grammar
ENG-2210Principles of Journalism
ENG-2220Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG-2230Advanced Composition
ENG-3010Style and Mechanics for Writers
ENG-3020Creative Writing: Short Forms
ENG-3030Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG-3040Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG-3050Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENG-3060The English Language
ENG-3070English Grammar
ENG-3180Visual Rhetoric
ENG-3200Practicum in Writing Instruction
ENG-3220Advanced Journalism
ENG-3550Writing Center Theory & Training
ENG-3620Practicum in Journalism
ENG-4030Advanced Workshop: Fiction
ENG-4040Advanced Workshop: Poetry
ENG-4050Advanced Workshop: Nonfiction
ENG-4200Methods of Teaching Writing
ENG-4230Independent Study in English
ENG-4345Creative Writing: Portfolio & Performance
ENG-900Writing Studio