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Sport Business Management
Course KeyCourse Title
MGMT-3500Principles of Organization & Management
MGMT-3510Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MGMT-3511Entrepreneurship and Small Business Strategy
MGMT-3512Entrepreneurship and Small Business Finance
MGMT-3513Entrepreneurship and Small Business Practicum
MGMT-3520Production and Operations Management
MGMT-3530Human Resources Management
MGMT-3550Organizational Behavior
MGMT-3560Project Management
MGMT-3570International Management
MGMT-3580Compensation & Benefits Management
MGMT-4510Strategic Management
MGMT-4520Supply Chain Management
MGMT-4530Industrial Relations Management
MGMT-4540Service Operations Management
MGMT-4550Applied Leadership
MGMT-4560Organizational Change and Development
MGMT-4570Lean Operations Management
MGMT-6300Project Management
MGMT-6310Supply Chain Management
MGMT-6320Lean Process Management
MGMT-6700Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
MGMT-6710Organizational Design and Behavior
MGMT-6720Applied Leadership
MGMT-6730Human Resource Management
MGMT-6790Organizational Management Strategy