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Sport Business Management
Course KeyCourse Title
SMGT-1000Sport Management Practicum
SMGT-1350Introduction to Sport Management
SMGT-2100Sport in Society
SMGT-2500Organizational Behavior in Sport
SMGT-2910Campus Sport Management Practicum
SMGT-2920Recreation Management Practicum
SMGT-3180Legal Issues in the Sport Industry
SMGT-3200Facility Design/Management
SMGT-3300Event Planning & Production
SMGT-3810Organization and Administration of Sports and Athletics
SMGT-3880Special Topics-Sport Mgmt
SMGT-4100Sponsorship and Promotion in the Sport Industry
SMGT-4200Financing Sport Operations
SMGT-4850Independent Study in Sport Management
SMGT-4910Athl Admin Practicum
SMGT-4990Internship in Sport Management