Center for Biblical Integration

Cedarville University’s Center for Biblical Integration (CBI) promotes biblical integration throughout curriculum, teaching, and research for both the University and the evangelical community. You will find this site to be a resource for integrative study, teaching, and service in drawing connections between the Christian faith, academic disciplines, and topics of life.

Key Resources

  • An extensive bibliography of books and articles on integration in general, and also on how integration relates to a range of academic disciplines. This listing is updated regularly to provide you with current, comprehensive resources for research on integration.
  • Published and unpublished papers on integration written by Cedarville University faculty and others. If you would like to contribute a paper to be considered for inclusion on this website, please email it to the director of the CBI.

The center for biblical integration was launched in July 2011, and is directed by Daniel Estes, Ph.D., distinguished professor of Old Testament. Dr. Estes has published several articles and books that integrate his field of Old Testament wisdom and the Psalms with other academic disciplines, in particular literature. Since 1993, he has conducted faculty development workshops on the integration of faith, learning, and life.