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College Now pricing extends through Cedarville University's spring semester of a student's senior year or the fourth year of high school, even if that student completes his/her graduation requirements at some later time in the summer. The University retains the right to determine that a student should be considered a high school graduate and therefore no longer eligible for College Now pricing.

Cedarville University College Now is Affordable!

College Now has two pricing options. Ohio resident students who qualify for College Credit Plus can take courses for FREE. Both Ohio residents and non-Ohio residents may take courses through College Now's low-cost Family Pay Option.

  • View information regarding College Credit Plus funding for Ohio residents. 
  • For Summer 2016 through Spring 2017, the Family Pay Option costs just $166 per credit hour. This represents more than an 80% savings off the University's per-credit-hour undergraduate tuition rate. Most courses are 3-4 credit hours. Course fees and textbooks are extra.