Get Your Textbooks

Public and Private School Students

Under the CCP funding agreement that Cedarville has chosen, public and private high schools are responsible to provide textbooks for their students taking CCP-funded courses. Cedarville has 3 options* available for this purpose. Students should contact their high school guidance counselor to learn which option is chosen.

  • Option 1. High schools may email a Purchase Order to the Cedarville University Bookstore manager, Tammy Slone, at Student names, CU ID numbers and CCP courses (if known) should be included with the PO, and it should also be noted whether books are to be shipped to the high school or will be picked up in the bookstore on campus. Students should provide the guidance counselor with their CU ID and course schedule.
  • Option 2. The Cedarville University Bookstore has created a website where guidance counselors can order required textbooks for their CCP students attending CU. All books will be rentals (used rentals if available), and Cedarville will invoice the public school for books ordered through the website. Books may be picked up in our bookstore or shipped to the high school. The URL for the CCP textbook website along with instructions for ordering books may be obtained from the student's CU CCP program adviser.
  • Option 3. Public or private high schools may order books from a source of their choosing. Students are responsible to provide ISBN numbers for required books. Students may determine what books are required by entering their CU ID number in the textbook search bar on the Cedarville University Bookstore website.

*If you attend an online public high school, please contact your CU CCP program adviser for information on how you can have books shipped directly to your home. Note: This applies only to students attending a public online high school.

Homeschool Students

  • Cedarville's low-cost textbook rental system is available to you at the Cedarville University Bookstore.
  • Be sure to obtain all resources listed as "required". "Alternate" resources are available when a bundled resource is out of stock or you prefer a different condition (used vs. new). "Optional" resources are not required. You may want to wait until class begins to ask your instructor about optional resources before purchasing or renting.