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Get Your Textbooks

Public and Private School Students

Under the CCP funding agreement that Cedarville has chosen, public and private high schools are responsible to provide textbooks for their students taking CCP-funded courses. Upon receipt of the student’s Course Request Form for registration, school counselors will be contacted by the College Now Program Coordinator to determine how the high school will provide textbooks. Counselors may authorize​ Cedarville​ University Bookstore to provide books and invoice the high school, and books may be rented or purchased by the high school. Or, schools may choose to provide books through another source.​

If the high school selects to have the Cedarville University Bookstore provide textbooks, these books will be mailed to the high school. Students must return these textbooks to the school counselor at the end of the semester. *Textbooks will be shipped to the student's home address for students who attend an online public high school. 

Homeschool Students

  • Cedarville's low-cost textbook rental system is available to you at the Cedarville University Bookstore.
  • Be sure to obtain all resources listed as "required". "Alternate" resources are available when a bundled resource is out of stock or you prefer a different condition (used vs. new). "Optional" resources are not required. You may want to wait until class begins to ask your instructor about optional resources before purchasing or renting. 

To determine what textbooks are required, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to CedarInfo.
  2. Locate the "Academic (Student) Transactions" heading and then select the "Your schedule, advisor, library id" link.
  3. On your schedule, select the link "Textbook" next to each course number to view basic textbook information.
  4. Select "View Item" to be directed to the Cedarville University Bookstore website. 
  5. You will see all available options for your textbook: new, used, or rental. If you do not see any textbooks listed, contact your program adviser to make sure there are no books required.
  6. Local students may pay for textbooks online and indicate in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges.
  7. Purchase textbooks a month or so prior to the start of class and not before. Changes in textbooks typically occur over the summer. If you purchase textbooks at the Cedarville University Bookstore, and the textbook changes, you can easily exchange your book.
  8. If purchasing elsewhere, be certain you have the correct ISBN.