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School Opportunities

Cedarville University offers preferential pricing to all high school students who enroll in College Now from an associated high school or homeschool organization.

Beginning this association is easy! If you are a high school or homeschool leader, here are the details you need to know.

Any school or home school organization that completes the “School Opportunities” request form (at right) will automatically become associated with Cedarville’s College Now program. There are no fees or specific obligations required by this association.

The primary purpose of this relationship is to provide a means whereby exceptional students can participate in the dual credit opportunities provided by Cedarville University College Now and enjoy access to quality, biblically based college courses while still in high school.

Students from an associated organization automatically receive preferential pricing when they enroll in Cedarville’s College Now courses. Students receive a $25 per credit hour tuition reduction off of the Family Pay Option. Any courses taken following high school graduation would be priced at the rate set for degree-seeking freshmen at the time of enrolling in the class.

Students will be assigned to a College Now program advisor who will assist them in choosing courses, answering questions, and helping them to be successful in their Cedarville experience.

In addition, Cedarville University will provide customized promotional flyers to help the school promote College Now opportunities for its students. Flyers will include the school’s recommended College Now courses and promote the preferential pricing opportunity.

Although this association does not create a specific obligation or partnership relationship, Cedarville University encourages high schools and home school associations to include Cedarville’s College Now program in all of its promotional materials and events related to college planning or dual credit opportunities.

Representatives from Cedarville can be invited to attend informational sessions for students and/or parents, and Cedarville will endeavor to have representation and promotional materials at those events.

Students from an associated school or home school association must apply and meet the published admissions criteria in order to enroll in Cedarville’s College Now program. View admissions information.

Any student interested in Cedarville University College Now should complete the online application and provide all required documents: Christian leader reference, high school transcript, and standardized test score.

Students wishing to attend Cedarville as degree-seeking freshmen may apply to the University using the process identified on Cedarville’s website and generally receive priority consideration. Information from the College Now application will automatically fill in the undergraduate application to make to process as easy as possible!

Each term, as part of the registration process, students will be asked to sign a release allowing Cedarville to report grades for the term directly to their school. Because this association is between the school and the university, failure of a student to provide that permission nullifies their eligibility to receive the reduced tuition rate for associated schools. Grade reporting generally occurs within three weeks of the end of the academic term.

Schedules for academic terms at Cedarville and associated schools may not coincide. All requirements for submission of assignments and completion of activities in a Cedarville course apply to participating high school students even if these schedules conflict. Students should examine both schedules carefully to ensure they can meet all requirements for their courses at both institutions.

This association remains in effect until either the school or the University requests to end the association in writing.

Please contact Leanne Rubosky, Associate Director for High School and Transfer Student Enrollment, at 1-800-CEDARVILLE (233-2784).

School Opportunities

Please include our organization as a Cedarville University College Now associate: