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Oct 8 2015
Woodlawn Communicates Love's Triumph Over Racism
The movie “Woodlawn” opens October 16 in theaters nationwide, telling the true story of how love and unity overcame... continue »

Sep 30 2015
Students Attend Stratford Festival in Ontario
For more than 40 years, Cedarville University students have had the unique opportunity to travel to the internationally renowned... continue »

Sep 2 2015
Christ-Centered Faculty Welcomed to CU
Cedarville University recently welcomed 13 new faculty members for the 2015-16 academic year. The new facultymembers are spread... continue »

May 27 2015
CNN seeks Oliver on Cleveland Case
For the third time in two weeks, Patrick Oliver, Ph.D., associate professor of criminal justice and the director of the criminal... continue »

May 20 2015
Ryan Bower Joins Public Relations Team
Cedarville University’s public relations department hired Ryan Bower as its assistant director. Bower, who begins his role... continue »

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