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More Than Just a Major

Meeting new people has never been my forte. Going up to strangers and saying, “Hi, my name's Kelly. What's your name?” felt like giving a speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Attending parties left me feeling awkward, socially inept, and... continue »

My Summer Internship

My iPhone lit up with an unknown number from Colorado Springs. This is it! This is the call I had been waiting for all week. My heart began to pound. “Hi Lydia, this is Sam from Compassion International. We have reviewed your application, studied... continue »

The Professional Writing and Information Design major prepares students to use writing, editing, and design skills to creatively solve problems in the workplace. You will learn to analyze the rhetorical factors surrounding a problem, including audience, purpose, and context, in order to write and design effective documents.

We love community. The Professional Writing program will not only develop you as a writer and editor, it will prepare you to build relationships and positively impact your future environments. Our students and professors describe their experiences in The Write Major blog.

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Effective content is vital to the success of organizations, and our students are content experts. In the professional writing program, you will write, edit, and design professional documents just as you would in the workplace. Often, you will create documents for an actual client, both inside and outside the university. Our student portfolios showcase some of the work you will complete as a professional writing major. For descriptions of our classes, please visit the course catalog.

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