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Frequently Asked Questions

You will rarely take tests in your Professional Writing classes. Instead, you will write, edit, and design professional documents as professionals do in the workplace.

We offer a number of foundational classes that improve your writing, editing, and design skills.You then take applied
classes that allow you to apply those skills in different contexts. Applied classes correspond well to careers in the field.
For instance, our Marketing Communication course prepares students to produce content in a marketing context.

You will also take professional development classes where you create a resume and portfolio and practice interviewing
with real professionals. Finally, you will complete an internship to gain valuable experience in a work environment.

Professional writers create and edit content in a variety of contexts. Almost all organizations need content in some
capacity. A partial list of jobs includes the following:

  • Marketing and Social Media Specialists
  • Copy Writers
  • Content Strategists and Web Writers
  • Technical Writers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Grant Writers
  • Editors
  • Usability and User Experience Professionals
See our graduate profiles for some more details on what our graduates are doing.
The job market is excellent. Because our students satisfy a variety of content needs in the workplace, they have many
opportunities upon graduation. We also see our graduates make transitions between writing, editing, and design type
jobs. For instance, a technical writer may become an editor and then a social media specialist. With the core skills from
the program, graduates have the ability and flexibility to meet content needs as they arise.

The PWID program teaches Christ-centered principles and values along with professional skills, particularly in the Corporate Culture class. In this class, students discuss a theology of work, and they consider how they should live and work as Christians in a professional environment. All the courses emphasize integrity and a positive work ethic, and classes often discuss the ethical implications of the decisions they make with regard to their writing and design.

In addition, classes always begin with prayer, and sometimes the professors will read a devotional or Scripture to the class and have students journal about that Scripture passage. The PWID program emphasizes Christ and teaches Christian values in all areas.