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In this capstone course required of all senior biology majors, students compile data from laboratory, field study, or extensive literature research and give an oral presentation. Approval of the topic must be given by the student's academic advisor. The student must also attend a minimum of 10 seminars during the senior year. Prerequisites: BIO-1110 Introduction to Cell Biology; BIO-1120 General Zoology and Population Dynamics; BIO-2130 General Botany and Ecology; BIO-3300 Genetics; BIO-2800 Introduction to Research Methods; Senior Status; attendance of a minimum of 10 seminars prior to the senior year.

Academic Level:
Science and Mathematics [SM]
Biology [BIO]
Terms Offered:
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2018SP, 2017FA, 2017SP, 2016FA, 2016SP, 2015FA, 2015SU, 2015SP, 2014FA, 2014SP, 2013FA, 2013S4, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012SP, 2011FA, 2011SP, 2010FA, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009SP, 2008FA, 2008SP, 2007FA, 2007SP, 2006FA, 2006SP, 2005FA, 2005SP, 2004FA, 2004SP, 2003FA, 2003SP, 2002FA
Course Offerings by Term
TermSectInstructorMeeting Location/Days/TimeCapUsed
2018SP01Dr. Mark GathanyENS 245 SEM M 04:00PM-04:50PM
Dates: 01/09/18-05/04/18
2017FA01Dr. Mark GathanyENS 245 SEM M 04:00PM-04:50PM
Dates: 08/23/17-12/15/17