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Introduction to the principles of trigonometry and possibly some advanced topics in algebra. Coverage includes, but may not be limited to, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and circular functions, triangle problems, and vectors. This course, in conjunction with GMTH-1020 College Algebra, is designed to help prepare the student for calculus. Prerequisites: Proficiency in Mathematics and GMTH-1020 College Algebra or permission of instructor.

Academic Level:
Science and Mathematics [SM]
General Education Mathematics [GMTH]
Terms Offered:
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2015FA, 2015SU, 2015SP, 2014FA, 2014SU, 2014SP, 2013FA, 2013S3, 2013SP, 2012FA, 2012S3, 2012SP, 2011FA, 2011S3, 2011SP, 2010FA, 2010S3, 2010SP, 2009FA, 2009S3, 2009SP, 2008FA, 2008SP, 2007FA, 2007SP, 2006FA, 2006SP, 2005FA, 2005SP, 2004FA, 2004S2, 2004S1, 2004SP, 2003FA, 2003S3, 2003SP, 2002FA