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Designed around ACTFL's Standards for Foreign Language Learning, this course prepares students to teach in the K-12 world language classroom and also teach English as a new language. In this course, students will examine the purposes and objectives along with the methods and curricular models appropriate for the K-12 world language classroom as well as adult level language teaching. This course addresses theories of second language acquisition and how language learning looks different at the various stages of a language learner's life. Using theory to inform practice, students will learn to plan and assess for student learning, including the creation of learning activities, assessments, lesson plans, and thematic unit plans, as well as evaluating and proving feedback to maximize student learning. Students will also gain insight into the importance of understanding one's own language, culture, and worldview as a means to understanding the language, culture, and worldview of the target peoples and the important role that cultural understanding plays in communication. This course will prepare students to plan, teach, and assess effectively in today's rapidly changing classroom. Open to students majoring in Multi-Age Spanish Education or Linguistics, and those minoring in TESOL. Prerequisites: LING-3100 Principles of Language Acquisition.

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English, Literature, and Modern Languages [LL]
Linguistics [LING]
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2017FA, 2016FA, 2015FA, 2014FA, 2013FA, 2012FA, 2011FA, 2010FA, 2009FA
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2017FA01BTS 117 LEC MW 03:00PM-03:50PM
Dates: 08/23/17-12/15/17