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Course Information

Course KeyCourse Title
EDSP-2000Teaching Children With Exceptionalities
EDSP-2050Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs
EDSP-2100Exceptionalities and Behavior
EDSP-2400Language Development and Communication Disorders
EDSP-2500Survey of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
EDSP-2700Teaching Children With Mild to Moderate Disabilities
EDSP-3100Diagnostics and Intervention in Reading
EDSP-3150Intervention & Diagnosis in Reading for Special Educators
EDSP-3500Special Education Law
EDSP-3950Special Education Clinical: Early Child
EDSP-3990Ind Study-Special Education
EDSP-4100Adaptive Curriculum & Instruction
EDSP-4150Career & Occupational Training
EDSP-4250Communication, Collaboration & Inclusion
EDSP-4300Behavior & Instructional Management
EDSP-4400Assessment in Special Education
EDSP-4450Special Education Clinical: Middle Childhood
EDSP-4451Special Education Clinical - Middle Childhood
EDSP-4550Special Education Clinical: Adolescent/ Young Adult
EDSP-4551Special Education Clinical - Adolescent And Young Adult
EDSP-4880Topics in Special Education
EDSP-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Special Education