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Course Information

Course KeyCourse Title
EDUC-1000The Education Profession
EDUC-1050Preliminary Student Involvement
EDUC-1800Principles of Mathematics I
EDUC-2000Introduction to Diverse Learners
EDUC-2050Teaching Diverse Learners
EDUC-2100Technology in Classroom
EDUC-2200Multicultural Field Experience
EDUC-2400Children's Literature
EDUC-2450Literature for Early Childhood
EDUC-2500Educational Psychology
EDUC-2600Topics in Children's Literature
EDUC-2800Principles of Mathematics II
EDUC-3100Philosophical Foundations of Education
EDUC-3200Faith and Learning Alignment
EDUC-3500Junior Practicum
EDUC-3550Linguistics Practicum
EDUC-3570Supervised Field Experience
EDUC-3601Phonics & the Structure of Language
EDUC-3990Independent Study in Education
EDUC-4000Reading in the Content Area: Multi-Age
EDUC-4500Philosophy of Education
EDUC-4850Internship in Applied Education
EDUC-4880Student Teaching (Nonlicensure) and Seminar
EDUC-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Multi-Age
EDUC-4910Special Student Teaching
EDUC-4950Student Teaching & Seminar: Early Childhood and Special Education