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Course Information

Course KeyCourse Title
HON-1010Making of the Modern Mind: Classical Antiquity
HON-1020Making of the Modern Mind: Renaissance To Reformation
HON-3020Honors Seminar
HON-3050Communication in the Information Age
HON-3080Creativity: Birth of a Notion
HON-3090Hispanic Perspectives on USA
HON-3100Two Philosophies of Teaching & Learning
HON-3110Philosophical View of Mathematics
HON-3120Reading and Writing the Literature of The Natural Environment
HON-3130Perspectives on Friendship
HON-3140Body and Soul: Foundations for Human Personhood
HON-3200Critique of Romanticism & Its Offspring
HON-3210Contemp Global Issues
HON-3220Rhetoric of Faith in the Christian Tradition
HON-3230Chance, Emergence Or Design
HON-3240Science & Religion: Middle Ages-Darwin
HON-3990Philosophy of Social Science
HON-4155Image and Word in a Visual Culture
HON-4200Culture & Health
HON-4900Ind Study-Honors
HON-4910Honors Senior Colloquium I
HON-4920Honors Senior Colloquium II
HON-4950Honors Senior Project