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Course KeyCourse Title
EGGN-1110The Engineering Profession
EGGN-1960Competition Project
EGGN-2960Competition Project
EGGN-3110Professional Ethics
EGGN-3510Systems Optimization
EGGN-3610Biomedical Engineering Systems
EGGN-3710Biomedical Engineering Research
EGGN-3910Co - Op I
EGGN-3911Co - Op IA
EGGN-3912Co -Op IB
EGGN-3920Co - Op II
EGGN-3921Co - Op IIA
EGGN-3922Co - Op IIB
EGGN-3930Co - Op III
EGGN-3931Co - Op IIIA
EGGN-3932Co - Op IIIB
EGGN-3960Competition Project
EGGN-4010Senior Seminar
EGGN-4960Competition Project