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Course KeyCourse Title
EGME-1810Engineering Graphics
EGME-2050Computational Methods
EGME-2410Properties of Engineering Materials
EGME-2430Contemporary Manufacturing Processes
EGME-2530Statics and Mechanics of Materials
EGME-2570Statics and Dynamics
EGME-3010Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
EGME-3020Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
EGME-3050Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
EGME-3130Internal Combustion Engines
EGME-3150Heat Transfer
EGME-3170Thermal Systems
EGME-3210Fluid Mechanics
EGME-3430Principles of Physical Metallurgy
EGME-3450Plastic and Composite Materials
EGME-3610Kinematics and Design of Machines
EGME-3850Mechanical Design
EGME-3920Mechanical Engineering Internship
EGME-3950Topics in Mechanical Engineering
EGME-3980Independent Study in Mechanical Engineering
EGME-3990Project Design in Mechanical Engineering
EGME-4050Finite Difference Methods in Engineering
EGME-4060Computational Fluid Dynamics
EGME-4160Radiation and Solar Energy
EGME-4270Compressible Fluid Flow
EGME-4410Introduction to Fracture Mechanics
EGME-4530Advanced Mechanics of Materials
EGME-4560Biomechanics & Biomaterials
EGME-4610Dynamics of Machines
EGME-4660Principles of Automatic Controls
EGME-4720Vibrations Lab
EGME-4750Random Vibrations and Signature Analysis
EGME-4810Mechanical Engineering Senior Design I
EGME-4820Mechanical Engineering Senior Design II
EGME-4950Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering