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Research and Student Projects

Each student of biomedical engineering at Cedarville chooses to focus on either biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, or biomedical signals and systems. Students then contribute to a project within their biomedical engineering area of focus.

The aim of these projects is to apply the classroom material students have learned to real-world biomedical challenges. For example, in 2002-03, Cedarville engineering students were challenged to design a prosthetic arm for 10-year-old Jaclyn Barker. The team eventually designed two different prostheses that have allowed young Jaclyn to improve her violin performance. Learn more...

More recently, a team of five Cedarville biomedical engineering students researched human ankle motion and constructed two ankle prostheses, which were tested by above- and below-knee amputees. The team hopes these newly designed prostheses will protect amputees by reducing falls. The prostheses were presented in an October 2006 seminar hosted by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists.

In addition to undergraduate research, many biomedical engineering students study biomedical engineering in graduate school or continue to explore the field in medical school.