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Internships: Edging Past the Competition


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It helps to have an edge. And while Cedarville University students receive world-class instruction from their professors as they prepare to pursue careers in their chosen fields, the wise collegian knows that a degree and a good GPA simply aren't enough in an increasingly competitive job market. To succeed, they need real life, hands-on experience.

Enter internships... or more precisely, "discipline-related experiences." Jeff Reep, director of career services, stresses the importance of these short-term forays into the professional world. "A student who graduates with only a degree is at a disadvantage," he explains. "They'll be competing against other graduates who have had two or even three internships."

Take a look at the exciting discipline-related experiences our department's students have enjoyed.

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Discipline-related Experiences

Company Location Major Year
Camp Kanesatake Spruce Creek, PA English 2015
Cedarville University Career Services Cedarville, OH English 2013
Cedarville University Career Services Cedarville, OH Spanish 2013
Centro Alfa y Omega Denia Spanish 2013
Donegal Insurance Group Marietta, PA Spanish 2013
Donegal Mutual Insurance Group Marietta, PA Spanish 2014
EvaRuth's Specialty Bakery Middletown, RI English 2013
Gordon College Wenham, MA English 2013
Kmart Corporation Racine, WI Spanish 2013
Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Morgantown, IN English 2013
Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Indiana-Kentucky Angola, IN English 2014
Ohio Attorney General's Office of Mike DeWine Columbus, OH Spanish 2013
The Senior Scribes Memoir Writing Workshop Greenville, OH English 2013
Wisconsin Department of Corrections Madison, WI English 2015