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Linguistics Major Requirements 2016-17


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Linguistics Core (27 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
ENG-3060 The English Language 3
FREN/GER/SPAN-2XXX Intermediate Foreign Language 7
LING-2070 Introduction to Linguistics 2
LING-3080 Linguistics for Language Learning 3
LING-3082 Phonetics 3
LING-3090 Sociolinguistics 3
LING-3100 Principles of Language Acquisition 3
LING-4100 Advanced Linguistics/Field Methods 3
*Concentration Requirements 14

*Students select one concentration according to interests (minimum of 14 credit hours). Students need to complete any prerequisites listed for the courses included in this list but that are not listed for the linguistics major. Also, a minimum of 21 credit hours for the major must be from 3000/4000 level courses.