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Multi-Age Spanish Education Major Requirements 2016-17


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Spanish Education Core (46 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
LING-3100 Principles of Language Acquisition 3
SPAN-2710 Intermediate Spanish I 4
SPAN-2720 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN-2760 Spanish for Professionals 3
SPAN-3610 Spanish Composition 3
SPAN-3620 Spanish Conversation 3
SPAN-3640 Introduction to Hispanic Literature 3
SPAN-3680 History of Hispanics in the U.S. 3
SPAN-4610 Advanced Spanish Grammar 3
SPAN-4670 Civilization and Literature of Latin America II 3
SPAN-4750 Civilization and Literature of Spain II 3
Spanish Electives selected from the following 12
LING-3080 Linguistics for Language Learning 3
SPAN-3670 Introduction to Translation 2
SPAN-3690 Hispanic Film 3
SPAN-4640 Topics in Hispanic Culture 3
SPAN-4650 Civilization and Literature of Latin America I 3
SPAN-4680 Advanced Conversation and Composition 2
SPAN-4700 Independent Study in Spanish 1-3
SPAN-4740 Civilization and Literature of Spain I 3
SPAN-4790 Twentieth Century Spanish Theatre 3

Professional Education Requirements (45 credits)

Course Number Course Name Course Hours
EDSE-4000 Reading in the Content Area: AYA 3
EDSE-4100 Principles of Teaching: AYA 5
EDSE-4450 Adolescent/Young Adult Clinical Experience 3
EDSP-2000 Teaching Children with Exceptionalities 1
EDSP-2050 Field Experience: Exceptional Learning Needs 1
EDSP-4250 Communication, Collaboration, and Inclusion 2
EDUC-1000 The Education Profession 2
EDUC-1050 Preliminary Student Involvement 0
EDUC-2000 Introduction to Diverse Learners 2
EDUC-2100 Technology in the Classroom 2
EDUC-2200 Multicultural Field Experience 1
EDUC-2500 Educational Psychology 3
EDUC-3100 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
EDUC-3200 Faith and Learning Alignment 1
*EDUC-4900 Student Teaching and Seminar: Multi-Age 12
SPAN-3500 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language 2
SPAN-3600 Clinical Teaching in Spanish 2

*Capstone Course