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Dec 6 2007
Wife, Mother, Author ... Fisherman
Running line. Kicker. King keg. Cork line. Lead line. Cottons. Typically, these aren’t words that you would hear coming out... continue »

Nov 15 2007
CU Students Jump-Start Careers Through Internships
For many college students, the summer is a time to relax and visit with friends and family back home, but two Cedarville... continue »

Oct 24 2007
Living the Dream in Costa Rica
With an estimated 1.3 million people earning a bachelor’s degree each year, employers are saying that experience makes a... continue »

Sep 21 2007
Learn to Craft Meaning in the Classroom
Cedarville, Ohio- “Better writers will be better teachers,” says Michelle Wood, associate professor of English at... continue »

Sep 21 2007
Foreign Film Series
Peer into often unfamiliar cultures through the eyes of the cultures themselves.

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