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Sep 30 2008
Cedarville Offers New Majors and Minors
How do you know the college you’re thinking about attending is relevant and progressive? Look for signs of growth. Take... continue »

Sep 5 2008
Pulitzer Author to Speak at Cedarville
Cedarville, Ohio—She has detailed the coming of age of two sisters from the town of Fingerbone, crafted a series of essays... continue »

Jul 3 2008
Prosecutor Finds Peace In and Out of Courtroom
The gavel knocked on the hardwood, sealing the fate of the defendant. Convicted at the federal level, his punishment—30... continue »

Apr 18 2008
Mightier Than the Sword? Battling Digital Pirates
    Our culture has had a long running fascination with pirates. From Errol Flynn’s 1935 turn as the... continue »

Apr 7 2008
An Evening of Poetry
Cedarville, Ohio—Cedarville University's Department of Language and Literauture invites you to an evening of recitation... continue »

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