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World Area Studies Programs


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Student Testimonies

Amy Goldman“I have to confess that, before I went to China, I fit the stereotype of a monolingual, internationally illiterate American. While abroad, I not only began to see the world from a different perspective, but I also learned to talk about life in a different language. All of the mental pictures I took during my time abroad help to vividly illustrate the things I hear about in my classes or read about in my textbooks. I’m much more fascinated now by what is going on outside of America, and I’m more prepared to serve the Lord in a multicultural world. I wish every student could spend a semester abroad. But remember: you may come back with an incurable case of travel-itis!”
— Amy Goldman ’10, International Studies – Missiology

Paul Smith

“Studying abroad in France last summer was a great chance for me to see life beyond Cedarville and outside the small-town life that I had grown up in. The most profound result that I saw from studying overseas was the positive effect another culture had on my spiritual growth. It’s so easy for me to associate Christianity with American culture. But while I was in France, I began to see God for who He is outside of my American lens. It wasn’t easy, but the trip definitely honed my faith in God. And — let’s just be honest — the food was a delicious perk!”
— Paul Smith ’10, Marketing

Engage a Changing World

Global realities demand that today’s graduates interact and communicate effectively with people who hold a diverse array of beliefs, attitudes, and values. Cedarville University seeks to give you the tools and perspectives you will need to minister in a variety of cultural contexts, whether you plan to live in the U.S. or abroad.

Our world studies minors are designed to help you acquire beginning or intermediate language skills and a framework for understanding and evaluating various cultures. Each minor offers you the opportunity to study the language with highly qualified faculty, take elective courses, and spend a semester or summer abroad.

Cedarville is one of only a small number of Christian institutions to offer world studies minors; our programs can be completed either entirely on campus or through a combination of courses taken on campus and abroad.

These minors form a strong complement to majors in international studies, biblical education, missions, communication arts, history, political science, and more!

Asian Minor (20 credit hours*)

  • Elementary Chinese (8)
  • Contemporary East Asian Literature (3)
  • History and Politics of East Asia (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include China, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

German Minor (17 credit hours*)

  • Elementary German (4)
  • Intermediate German (7)
  • Survey of German Literature (3)
  • 3000-Level German Electives (3)
Latin American Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)
  • Intermediate Spanish (7)
  • History and Politics of Latin America (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • 3000/4000-Level Elective in Spanish (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include Mexico and Costa Rica.

Middle Eastern Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)

  • Elementary Arabic I and II (8)
  • or Introduction to Arabic Languages and Culture and one semester of Hebrew (6–7)
  • History and Politics of the Middle East (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • Electives (8–10)

Study abroad opportunities include Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

Western European Studies Minor (22 credit hours*)

  • Intermediate French, German, or Spanish** (7)
  • History and Politics of Western Europe (3)
  • Cultural Anthropology (3)
  • 3000-Level Elective in French, German, or Spanish (3)
  • Electives (6)

Study abroad opportunities include France, Germany, or Spain.

*A minimum of six credits must be earned at Cedarville.
** Other languages not currently offered at Cedarville could be substituted based on demonstrated proficiency.