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Course Information

Course KeyCourse Title
EDSE-3000Principles of Teaching AYA Learners
EDSE-3021Teaching Thinking Skills
EDSE-3300Developmental Reading
EDSE-3701Tching Thinking Skills
EDSE-3900Music Education Field Experience
EDSE-3990Independent Study in AYA Education
EDSE-4000Reading in Content Area: Adolescent/ Young Adult
EDSE-4100Principles of Teaching Adolescent/Young Adult
EDSE-4101Prin Tchg Adol/Yng Adult
EDSE-4450Adolescent/Young Adult Clinical Experience
EDSE-4451Adolescent & Young Adult Clinical Experience
EDSE-4880Topics in AYA Education
EDSE-4900Student Teaching & Seminar: Adolescent & Young Adult