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Course Information

Course KeyCourse Title
INTL-3040History and Politics of the British Isles and Canada
INTL-3080History and Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
INTL-3190Global Issues
INTL-3200History and Politics of Latin America
INTL-3210Hist/Politics of Asia
INTL-3220History and Politics of the Middle East
INTL-3230History & Politics of Western Europe
INTL-3400History of American Foreign Policy
INTL-3540Hist/Politics Africa
INTL-3650International Relations
INTL-3790Comparative Politics
INTL-4050Diplomacy of the Major Powers
INTL-4160International and Domestic Terrorism
INTL-4300Great Books in History and Politics
INTL-4440Special Topics - International Studies
INTL-4800Seminar-International Studies
INTL-4850Research in International Studies
INTL-4980Independent Study in International Studies