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Mar 18 2016
Criminal Justice Grad Goes Above and Beyond
Going above and beyond the call of duty in their career field sets people apart. And that’s exactly what Kettering police... continue »

Mar 11 2016
Seminar Tackles SCOTUS Vacancy
When the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away in February, it set off a media firestorm that left many wondering... continue »

Mar 2 2016
Smith Lends Expertise on Super Tuesday
For many political experts or pundits, it is called "the super bowl of the political world." The presidential campaign as it winds... continue »

Feb 12 2016
Model UN Team Sweeps Tournament Honors
In the spirit of an election year, when debates and policy discussions are at the forefront of the news, Cedarville University... continue »

Feb 10 2016
Heritage Foundation's Marshall to Speak in Chapel
Jennifer Marshall, a sought-after political researcher and vice president of The Heritage Foundation, will speak at Cedarville... continue »

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