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Oct 22 2012
Clauson Appointed to Center for Political Studies
Marc Clauson, Ph.D., professor of history and law, was appointed as the first academic fellow of the Center for Political Studies ... continue »

Oct 3 2012
Mock Debate Tackles Controversial Election Issues
A mock presidential debate will be held on Monday, Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the Dixon Ministry Center Recital Hall. The event... continue »

Aug 31 2012
Analyst Boot Camp Benefits Students
Cedarville University students can now study intelligence analysis through a partnership with the Advanced Technical Intelligence... continue »

Aug 20 2012
Internships Drive Career Success
With the fluctuating economy and uncertain job market, college students are continually seeking new ways to enhance career... continue »

May 31 2012
“Delegates” Receive Top Awards at National Model U.N.
Cedarville University’s “diplomats” received top awards at the National Model United Nations (U.N.)... continue »

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