Careers in Political Science

Political science students develop a diverse skill-set that leads to an array of career paths. A solid understanding of the political system leads some graduates to work for elected politicians, on campaigns, or in governmental agencies. Others use their knowledge and analytical skills to work in “think tanks,” nonprofits, and private corporations. Many of our graduates also take advanced degrees in law, political science, and public administration. Simply put, our students develop oral and written communication skills, and they learn to reason critically, analytically, and quantitatively. This prepares them for success in a plethora of fields.

Political Science graduates can pursue careers in:

  • Business
  • Campaign Management
  • Federal Government
  • Interest Groups
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Public and International Affairs
  • State and Local Government
  • Teaching


Internships in the field of political science can help prepare students for a variety of career opportunities. For those who want to pursue a career in academia, students are encouraged to seek student grader and assistantship opportunities on campus. For those considering careers in politics or government, internships help students decide what career options to pursue, help to build résumés, and provide experience that sets them apart from those they will be competing against in the job market.

In the Department of History and Government, we recommend internships in all of our majors and require them in some.  We offer the DC Semester for students in any major, and we have recently finalized a relationship with the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for students to gain an internship experience while going through their “Analyst Boot Camp” for a semester.  The ATIC facility is short drive from campus and provides a great opportunity for students interested in intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement, international studies, and a variety of other fields.  Even if you do not pursue one of these two programs, we will work with you to find an internship in your field either near campus or near your home for your summer break.

View a listing of internships completed by students while enrolled at Cedarville University.  You can search by department and major to see internships previous students have obtained while studying at Cedarville.

    Career Resources

    Cedarville University's Career Services helps students in a variety of areas from start to finish. Here are some resources available to students. Jobs 4 Jackets is designed to meet your internship and job search needs as a student! As a student, you may post a resume for employers to view, as well as access job postings that are entered daily by employers both around the world. View career services resources for students.

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    Discipline-related Experiences

    Company Location Major Year
    American Enterprise Institute Washington, D.C. Political Science 2013
    Amnesty International Washington, DC Political Science 2009
    Belfint Lyons and Shuman Welmington, DE Political Science 2011
    Bellevue Baptist Church Cordova, TN Political Science 2008
    C2 Group Washington, DC Political Science 2011
    Capitol Hill: Office of Congressman Marlin Stutzman (IN-03) Washington, D.C. Political Science 2013
    Casey Family Programs Washington, DC Political Science 2009
    Concerned Women for America Washington, DC Political Communication, Political Science 2007
    Concerned Women for America Washington, D.C. Political Science 2013
    Congressman Bob Gibbs Ashland, OH Political Science 2015
    Congressmen Steve Austria Springfield , OH Political Science 2010
    Congresswoman Bachmann Was, DC Political Science 2011
    Cooley Law School Lansing, MI History, Political Science 2008
    Department of Homeland Security Washington, DC Political Science 2009
    Family Research Council DC Political Science 2010
    Family Research Council Washington, DC Political Science 2008
    Heritage Foundation Washington, DC Political Science 2009
    Heritage Fpimdatopm DC Political Science 2010
    Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Co. Hershey, PA Political Science, Finance 2008
    Leadership Institute Orlando, FL History, Political Science 2006
    Media Research Center DC Political Science 2010
    National Taxpayers Union Foundation Washington, D.C. Political Science 2015
    New Concept English Shandong, China Political Science 2007
    New England Frontier Camp Lovel, ME History, Political Science 2012
    Office of Congressman Steve Austria Springfield, OH Political Science 2011
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